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Suggestion from madly-empirical

Hannitales part 3: enter the cannibal

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So here’s the deal: reblog or send asks with the next two lines of the story, I’ll draw the one I like the most and then we’ll repeat the same thing so on and so forth until no one is sending suggestions anymore.

Tagging these as #hannitales cause i couldnt think of anything else

aw this is the cutest thing ever!!!


AC OC - Where is my killing song by Sayael

OLD Artwork but I still like it.
Some absent minded user (his name was similar. What a coincidence) just flamed me that “we girls” always draw topless men with way too many muscles.
I would have loved to shove the horrendous amount of giant-busted girl arts & fanarts into his face. Seeing Altair x Malik Fanart makes him wanna snap his neck.

If I would do that everytime I see some (to me) kinda unpleasent Fanart/hentai/porn FanArt of a female (or genderbent if no female is available) character from any Movie/TvShow/game/anime/anything, my neck would look like a corkscrew…


# I wanted so much more for this # Allison growing up and becoming a deputy # using her status to protect the people of beacon hills # having the sheriff as a mentor # getting closer to stiles when they go to work together # imagine # deputy argent and deputy stilinski # partners # beacon hills super secret supernatural cops # sent out on all the weird calls the sheriff gets # perpetually on the night shift # I’m getting carried away # but come ON # fucking give it to me! (by summerchild-madeofstone)

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